Spitalfields: designs of the past and the future

Thu 30 | 06 | 11 by Chloe Cornish

“Fresh eyes” is a horrible expression (on a par with, “keep your eyes peeled”. Why is English idiom so keen to blind us all the time?), but that’s what I have for London. Having emerged from a countryside chrysalis to make a few tentative flaps around the city, I’m constantly distracted by its architecture, its street lamps, warrens of alleys, the structure of train stations and the progress of The Shard. Consequently I get lost. A lot. But time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time (thank you, Bertrand Russell), and my pleasant, baffled wanderings round ILN’s neighbourhood led to the following observations. Read more

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Hat trick

Fri 24 | 06 | 11 by Lisa Barnard

In a recent post, I lamented the iniquity of gambling. Now, I take it all back. After a day at Royal Ascot last week, generously hosted by magazine distributor DMD, I am no longer on my high horse. First, I prevailed on our PODIUM editor Andy Tongue—he ought to know something about racing after all. His tip for the first race, Strong Suit, worked a treat. Off to a good start and a few quid up, I decided to go it alone, fuelled by the first success, my brilliant intuition and a slavish obedience to the rule ‘always judge a horse by his name’. Read more

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The Apprentice Schadenfreude

Wed 22 | 06 | 11 by Lisa Barnard

The Apprentice was delicious last week. Not least because it was about our industry, and one couldn’t help end up with a glorious smug feeling that there is, after all, a modicum of skill in getting a magazine launch right. We’re launching PODIUM sports magazine right now, so it was indeed compulsive viewing. Read more

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Rabbits in the headlines

Mon 20 | 06 | 11 by Lisa Barnard

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought the bunny back. I have to confess that curiosity got the better of me when I was invited to attend the opening night media party of Hugh Hefner’s new gambling Playboy Club with my journalist friend Fiona Sims. Out went any feminist inclinations; over me came a wave of nostalgia and nosiness. Nostalgia for a distant memory growing up in the 60s in New York State when bunny girls were perma-tanned and very glamorous—a bit like forbidden air hostesses who came out at night. Plus they had tails, which for a small child is very impressive. Read more

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Food, glorious food

Fri 17 | 06 | 11 by Kate Gilchrist
The Hummingbird Bakery will sweeten your day

The Hummingbird Bakery will sweeten your day

“What are you having for lunch?” is the eternal question that rings around the ILN office every morning as it nears midday. So, we are always on the hunt for new culinary offerings to satisfy our lunchtime (or, frankly, any time of day) cravings, and the local Spitalfields area spoils us. Read more

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